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How can I join Kaleo Madrid Church? 

We invite you to join us in worship on a Sunday morning at 11 am, to go deep in the presence of God and learn from His word together. You can also connect during the week with one of our Life Groups, which are in different locations across the city. 

We want you to find your home, be trained and live your calling! 

What does Kaleo Madrid Church believe?

Find out more about our vision and beliefs.

Where do you have churches? 

At the moment Kaleo International has one European Church in Madrid, Spain. Internationally, you can find Churches in North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Check out the Kaleo International page for more information. 

If you are interested in planting a Church with us, please get in touch

Does Kaleo Madrid Church offer inner healing and coaching?

Next to incredible teachings and activations our church members have the opportunity to grow through inner healing and coaching. If you are not part of our local church, but are interested, please check out Masterpiece Coaching

What training does Kaleo Madrid Church offer?

We believe that every believer is called to lead, learn how to hear God’s voice, minister in the power of the Holy Spirit and preach the gospel everywhere they go. At our Church you will find plenty of opportunities to grow and live out what God is calling you to. 

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Can I visit Kaleo Madrid?

If you are interested in visiting, please contact us. It is important to us that we receive our visitors well and serve them to the best of our ability. As our local team is investing into the local church plant, the Academy and our international ministry, we ask for your understanding that at this point we can not promise to be able to receive every short term visit.  

All international friends are welcome to join us at our upcoming events, providing the incredible chance for you to experience God in a new way and get to know our church and ministry.

Does Kaleo Madrid offer inner healing and coaching?

We firmly believe in the importance of healthy and strong leaders and believers. That’s why we would love for you to connect with one of our coaches.

What training does Kaleo Madrid Church offer? 

If your heart is to grow as a leader and develop a lifestyle led by the Holy Spirit, then please check out our 10 month Academy program

We also offer different workshops and training opportunities to strengthen your church. Please find out more

Can Kaleo Madrid come to my Church?

We are passionate about strengthening local churches and investing in believers. Our heart is to serve you and teach on developing a lifestyle and church culture, that is marked by hearing the voice of God, sharing Jesus in day to day life and living a lifestyle, that brings heaven to earth. 

If you would like to invite Kaleo Madrid to your church please contact us.

What are Kaleo Madrid’s values?

Find out more about our vision and beliefs.

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What does it mean to be a Kaleo Madrid Partner? 

Kaleo Madrid Parters want to see people encounter Jesus. Every partner decides to support the ministry with minimum of 25 Euros per month and are part of the ministry family, able to access all parter benefits. Find out more

Is my donation tax deductible? 


We are in the process of registering Kaleo Madrid Church as a registered church in Spain. At the moment, your donations are not tax deductible. Please check again in a little while. Thank you for your understanding. 


We are in the process of registering Kaleo Madrid as a NGO in Germany. At the moment your donations are not tax deductible. Please check again in a little while. Thank you for your understanding.


If you are giving from the USA and would like to receive a statement for Tax purposes, please contact us and donate to Kaleo International with the reference “Donation for Kaleo Madrid — Abigail and Manuel”.


Please get in touch with us to find out, if your donation is tax deductible. 

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What does the word KALEO mean?

Kaleo in greek means ‘to be called’. We believe that every believer is called by God to live in intimacy with Jesus and to build the kingdom of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

How can I support Kaleo Madrid’s work?

Kaleo Madrid is fully funded by their generous donors. They don’t receive any funds or employment from Kaleo International, but live entirely from God’s supernatural provision and people’s kind generosity.

Please find out more about how to support our ministry financially

How can I hear more about you?

We invite you to sign up to our regular newsletters, where we share new testimonies and updates from our work or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Do you have a question?

We want to hear from you.

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