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What we offer

The following workshops provide a general idea and can be tailored to the needs of your church/ministry. We value the combination of sound Biblical teaching combined with activation and encounter.

Most topics are more effectively taught and activated in several sessions. 

Building God's Kingdom

Every believer can live a life marked by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, building God’s kingdom in every area of life! But how do I get started? What does it mean to build the kingdom of God? How can I see signs and wonders in my life? How do I live in the power of the Holy Spirit? How can I create a culture in my church, that embraces and encourages a move of the Holy Spirit? 

We want to equip you to build a culture in your life and in your church, where the supernatural becomes natural, where you pursue the Kingdom of God every step of the way.

This session is about learning the foundations and dynamics, that form a kingdom focused culture. Where you encounter God’s presence and activate every believer to walk like Jesus did. 

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