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Together we can make this happen! 

Europe is ready for Jesus. But we can’t be satisfied with the comfortable, we need to be willing to pay the price for a lifestyle that is consumed by His fire and passion, demonstrating His power and love to all people.


In 2018 God spoke to Manuel in a dream about moving back to Europe. God then began to share His heart with both Abigail and Manuel

to see a generation raised up,

that falls radically in love with Jesus and lays down their life for Him completely. 


Abigail & Manuel Moldenhauer

Leaders of Kaleo Madrid Church and Kaleo Madrid Ministries

Abigail and Manuel followed Jesus’ call to several nations in Asia, Africa, Europe, South and North America prior to joining Kaleo International, serving the poor, preaching the gospel and strengthening local church through conferences and trainings.  Having served and planted different churches & ministries, they developed an apostolic and prophetic gifting, that leads people to embrace their own, true identity as children of God and grow in power and authority

Despite their young age, Abigail and Manuel operate in a significant amount of wisdom and maturity with a heartbeat to serve the body of Christ.  

God has used Manuel and Abigail to lead many people to salvation, to establish a lifestyle marked by intimacy with Jesus and leading disciples to grow in their authority in building the kingdom of God. 

Manuel and Abigail are both gifted communicators, loving to share their passion for Jesus with others. Their heart is to equip and challenge the church, to follow Jesus with all that they are.

As a father and mother to other believers, they get to see how Jesus is transforming lives and bringing breakthrough in every area.  



about inviting Abigail and/or Manuel

Our Focus

Abigail & Manuel would love to serve your church specifically in the areas of power evangelism, prophecy and leadership. Let us know how we can serve you!


Depending on the current schedule, it might be, that only Abigail or Manuel are able to visit your church, but where possible they enjoy serving churches together. 


In order to maximise the impact, we offer to meet with your key leaders online in advance, prior to any event/workshop. To provide a space for connecting, building confidence and preparing spiritually for the event and to develop follow up plans. 

Travel Expenses

We ask every ministry to cover all travel expenses. We aim to keep the travel expenses as low as possible. An average estimate is usually between 80 Euros to 150 Euros per person for European travels. Where possible, Manuel and Abigail are happy to be hosted in private homes or local accommodation.

Increased Impact

Impact is created in connection. If you would like us to connect with your local leaders, in addition to serving your congregation, Abigail and Manuel will be available for an additional meeting for Q&A or further teaching on a specific topic, to create space to grow together.  


For speaking engagements Abigail and Manuel are extremely grateful for any honorarium you may generously supply. Each honorarium plays a significant role in enabling Abigail & Manuel to continue and expand the ministry in reaching Europe for Jesus. Our Experience shows us that 500 Euros per speaking engagement cover the Ministry basic needs.

Coming to serve

Honour and a serving spirit are a key part of our core values. Our understanding is that we come to serve you and we love to see and celebrate what God is doing in your congregation!

Splitting costs

We encourage churches and ministries to parter up with other churches & ministries in the area, planning events in the same week/weekend, to help reduce travel costs.

What others say about us


Craig Lawrenson,

Senior Leader

Christian Life Center

The ministry of Kaleo Madrid had been one of great blessing, encouragement, and inspiration to me personally and to our churches. Our relationship with Abi and Manu has been personally enriching and also an apostolic connection that has empowered us. The visit of Abi and Manu to St Helens CLC inspired our people in their faith and saw many encounter God finding healing and restoration. I have also had the privilege of connecting for online prayer and ministered to the Kaleo team online. 


The work is inspiring but for me the greater encouragement is the hearts of Abi and Manu and the whole Kaleo team. They are truly a team that loves Jesus, honours people, and seeks to demonstrate the kingdom with integrity, generosity, and power.


We look forward with excitement to journeying with Kaleo Madrid in the coming years. 

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