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Our Vision

Are you hungry for a fresh encounter with God? 

Are you hungry to discover more of your spiritual gifting and to hear more of the Father’s voice in day to day life? 

Do you dream of living a life of significance, where you are used by God to serve and lead the world into an encounter with Him?

Do you feel the call to invite people into these encounters through signs and wonders, every day evangelism, discipleship, in your work place, family and beyond? 

Are you ready for more?

Image by Yuri Figueiredo

 We are ready.
Our heart burns for believers to embrace the significance and the call on their life and step out boldly, bringing the Kingdom of God to Europe.  

Over the past years, God has taken us on a journey, where our faith has been stretched and life-style has been formed. One where the the Holy Spirit leads us each day to pursue the kingdom breakthrough in every step we take. In the process of surrender and laying down our lives for His call, we have discovered treasures and values that we would love to share with you. As we equip you to walk in the fullness of the call that God has on your life. We believe that you were made to change the world.

Together, we are dreaming of a generation that embraces their call and walks boldly, building the kingdom of God in every area of life. 


That’s why in 2021 we launched the Kaleo Madrid Academy, raising up radical lovers of Jesus, living a new Holy Spirit led lifestyle. 

That’s why we are planting a local church in Madrid, encouraging every person to  take a hold of this exciting daily adventure with Jesus. Living as disciples who make disciples and reveal His Kingdom at every opportunity.

That’s why we offer various events and workshops around Europe, encouraging believers from all backgrounds to love Jesus with all that they are.  

We have many exciting testimonies of people stepping out and surpassing their own limits, as they surrender their lives to Him.

But now it is your opportunity! 

Our vision for the next few years is to partner with other churches across Europe, in order that together, we can raise up a generation radically in love with Jesus. 

Are you ready to grow?

We are offering several workshops, designed to strengthen and equip you and your church to lead every believer into a lifestyle consumed by the Holy Spirit. 

For a while now we have felt God calling us to travel and share with the church, the things God has been teaching us. To equip with tools that will empower the bride of Jesus to build the Kingdom of God in Europe.

It is time to rise up!

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