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Kaleo International is devoted to raising up healthy leaders and disciples, that build and pursue revival in their lives. Our heart is to reach the lost, see them transformed by the Holy Spirit, equipped and sent out. 

God is calling us as a community, to build a culture that

represents heavenand equips each believer to walk in their calling and purpose.

Presence of God

The centre of all that we do is the presence of God. We desire to pursue Jesus with everything we are and with care, create a place for his presence in our life and community.

Worship and Prayer

Our understanding is, that the ultimate goal of mission, is to worship Jesus. As intercession is the engine of all we do, we spend a significant amount of time seeking God and praying together. 

Culture -

Immerse and Learn

The Kaleo Madrid Academy is taking place in the context of our local church plant, presenting the unique opportunity for one to strengthen and inspire the other. This year gives you the opportunity to be immersed into the Kaleo Madrid Culture, learn and grow.

build and expand

As we are relativity new church plant, this year gives you the opportunity to not only grow in a personal Holy Spirit led lifestyle, but to become an important part of the Kaleo Madrid vision and build with us as part of the local church. 

love and build well

As part of the Kaleo Madrid Church, you will have many opportunities to grow in your ministry skills and learn to love well. Together, we pursue the expansion of God’s Kingdom in Europe. Together, we will preach the gospel to the lost, raise up disciples who make disciples and equip believers to be sent out into their calling!

church with a mission

As a local church and international ministry, we feel compelled to preach the gospel to all people. Our heart burns for people in the darkest and most unreached places to be transformed by the power and love of Jesus. Desiring to build Jesus’ church in those hard places, it is our priority to raise up and invest in healthy and strong leaders. 

Our Vision at Kaleo Madrid is to raise up disciples, equip church planters, missionaries and leaders in order to bring in the harvest and build healthy churches! Only together, can we reach the harvest.


If you know that God has called you to reach the lost and make disciples, then come and be trained to be sent out! 

Madrid - meet our city

In Spain’s beautiful capital you can find it all.
From a historical town centre, to green parks to the beautiful nature surrounding the city. You will find plenty of opportunities to meet new people and pursue hobbies in your spare time.


The climate in Madrid varies from month to month.

Please come prepared for cold winter months and heat waves in the summer.

Cross Culture

Madrid is a very international city providing an excellent opportunity

 to excel in language learning and connect with people from all over the globe.

Cost of Living

In our experience, the average cost of living varies between 600 to 900 Euros

per month and person provided that you are happy with a shared apartment

and a rather simple lifestyle.


Madrid is a very international city providing an excellent opportunity to excel in

language learning and connect with people from all over the globe.

Every Student is required to engage in language studies and has the opportunity to arrive a few weeks earlier to invest in a (self organised) intensive language school before the Academy starts. 


When attending the Kaleo Madrid Academy, every student is responsible for their own housing arrangements. In Madrid you will find many options from renting a single studio flat, to shared living to small family apartments. Rooms start at around 300 Euros.

As this year is to focus on your personal growth, we ask every student to come well prepared and have accommodation organised and confirmed before the academy begins. Please be attentive in your research, in order to avoid unsafe or emotionally/spiritually unhealthy conditions that may stand in the way of the actual goals of this year. 


Do your research well and if possible, visit the place before signing your contract. Students might prefer to arrive before the first class, living in an AirBnB in order to scout fitting housing. Kaleo Madrid’s main work is found in Tetuan, close to the city centre, University and Plaza Castilla with many affordable living options.  


The local metro network in Madrid is excellent and provides every student with a cheap commute option in the centre ranging from 20 to 54,60 Euros per month.

Other travel costs for mission trips, etc must be covered by each student individually. 

Health Care

Every student is required to find a fitting, comprehensive health insurance,

that covers him/her in Spain and on international mission trips in any case of sickness. 

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