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Fees of the MINISTRY & MISSIONS Academy

(Accommodation and living costs are not included)


Early Bird Fee:

(If you sign up & pay the complete Academy Fee before the 16.06.2024)

Reservation Fee:   280 Euros

Fee: 2220 Euros


Sum: 2500 Euros


Monthly Payment Option:

(Paying the Academy Fee on a monthly base over 9 payments.)

Reservation Fee:    280 Euros

Fee (x9):    280 Euros


Sum: 2800 Euros

Partial Scholarship

Would you like to do the Academy, but don't have enough financial resources? Send us an email at, please include: why you would like to attend the Academy and what part of the fee you can pay (please be honest). There are no fixed scholarships as the Academy fee goes to covering the expenses of running the school, but we will consider each case. We believe that it is the Father’s heart that every person who He is calling would be able to participate, we believe that money will never be an obstacle, whether through supernatural provision or otherwise. Our heart is that the academy is available and made possible for everyone who wants to take this next step of faith with God.

Part-time Work

We encourage all of our students to save up or build their own financial support network in order to participate in the Academy. The Academy is a full time training program and having the spare time to process and practice will enable you to maximise your growth during these 10 months. 

We also understand that some international students, coming from outside the EU might need to work in addition to finance their Academy year. If this is the case for you, we ask you to present in your application your plan on how you want to finance your time in Spain and we will be happy to find a week-schedule that works together with your needs in this season. We will decide on every case individually and still encourage our international students to build-up a support network in addition. 

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