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The aim of the 9 month Kaleo Madrid Ministry & Missions Academy is to equip you to walk in a Holy Spirit led lifestyle, rooted in intimacy with God. With weekly classes, prayer, worship, evangelism and practical missions training, this year is a great foundation for stepping into the call of God on your life.

During your time with us, you will have the opportunity to grow and be challenged in developing leadership skills, your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the power and love that you walk in. We want to equip you to live a lifestyle that reflects the calling you have received, no matter if you are called to the mission field abroad or to the mission field back home, in your family and work place.


 What to expect 

Academic life

We love the Word of God.

Every Student is led to delve into the Bible, beginning their own journey of discovery and understanding, alongside receiving sound theological teaching, that reveals the nature of God, our identity and our calling.


We seek to establish a culture with the presence of God at the centre. We want to glorify Jesus with everything we do. You will experience the transforming power of the fire of the Holy Spirit in your life. 

cross culture

During your time in Madrid, you will experience first hand what cross cultural missions in Europe looks like. Madrid hosts a beautiful mix of cultures, that will sharpen your abilities to connect cross-culturally in honour and love.


Faith is not only for inside the church building. Daily training opportunities and teachings will instruct you, in an encouraging atmosphere of hungry believers, to cultivate a constant lifestyle in the presence of God and bold surrender to Jesus.


Come alive in the Academy Life Group. We believe that for effective growth it is essential for every believer to be deeply connected in community. Our expectation is that each student will be a committed member of the community, be teachable, live in accountability and develop a Jesus-like lifestyle. 



Whilst it is essential to communicate in Spanish to minister locally and establish your life in Madrid, the teachings and team times will be in English. Every international student has the opportunity to take some time apart to study Spanish in a local language school for the first 3 months (self funded). 


Every believer is called to be a part of God’s plan! In the Academy you will learn to lead people to salvation and demonstrate Jesus’ power and love, that brings healing and freedom. Being a part of the local church will help you to discover your purpose and potential in ministering to people at every opportunity.  


During the Academy you will have the privilege to learn first hand from our local leaders. In the regular meetings with your mentor you will have the opportunity to go deep in inner healing and freedom processes, explore your calling and learn from their experience. 



This Academy is designed to equip you in your calling! We believe that the encounters with the fire of the Holy Spirit will bring an incredible transformation to your life. Nevertheless, we expect a high level of maturity, teachability, transparency and willingness to surrender to Jesus from every student. As you will be entering into the process of our local church plant, we require a certain flexibility and independence from every student that joins our community. 

 Be equipped in 

  • an intimate relationship with Jesus

  • worship and intercession

  • prophetic ministry

  • life in the presence of God

  • power of the Holy Spirit

  • power evangelism

  • studying and enjoying scripture

  • leadership


“As leaders, we may teach what we know, but we reproduce who we are.” — John Maxwell


With the mission to raise up healthy leaders, we emphasise freedom in Jesus, experiencing the Father’s heart and building our lives on the revelation of our identity in Christ in both our teachings and our time in community.

Every year we can celebrate with our students, as they grow in true freedom and establish a healthy life style!


 Is Kaleo Madrid Ministry & Missions Academy for me? 

Do you want to grow in intimacy with Jesus?

Are you hungry to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in daily life? Are you willing to grow in your calling to serve and lead others? Do you want to build the kingdom of God in Europe? 

Our calling is to raise up leaders in a Holy Spirit led lifestyle and strengthen leaders. Please be aware, that if you are primarily looking for a basic discipleship school or a rehab place in order to receive freedom and establish basic life rhythms, our Academy won’t be suited for you. This school runs at a fast pace and requires self control and good self management. 

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