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Called by the fire - Joshua Muse

"Called by the fire" by Joshua Muse
Are you hungry for more of God’s power in your life?

Called by the Fire is an invitation for believers to step out beyond the status quo and go deeper with the Lord, to be filled with his miraculous power. Throughout the scripture, fire is used to describe and illustrate the work of the Holy Spirit. This book weaves Biblical teaching and revelation about the fiery presence of God with the author’s personal journey and the miracles he has seen the Lord do as a missionary. This fast-paced story of missions and modern miracles will inspire the faith of the reader and push them outside of their comfort zone into the realm of the miraculous. Called by the Fire is a radical invitation to the reader to start the greatest adventure of their lives by answering the call of God today.

As you read this book expect to:

  • Encounter the Holy Spirit’s fiery presence!
  • Be challenged to follow God’s call!
  • Engage with stories of modern-day miracles.
  • Receive an impartation of faith to step into a life of the miraculous!


Called by the fire - Joshua Muse

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