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Radicals - the jihad of love

"Radicals - the jihad of love" by Paul Abdelmassih


Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?


This book is a 21-day journey with the Holy Spirit meant to challenge you, encourage you, and push you to go deeper in your commitment to Christ. It is a rare glimpse into the hidden world of the underground church in the Muslim world. It is an opportunity to hear directly from a multitude of ordinary Christians who will never be famous here on earth, but whose simple, loving, radical faith is shaking the gates of hell, and echoing in eternity. However, this is not just the story of the persecuted, it is also the story of how God is moving among the persecutors.


Drawing on his years of experience serving as a missionary in the Muslim world, Paul Abdelmassih, tells first-hand, the stories of persecuted Christians who won the hearts of their persecutors and turned their world upside down.

Radicals - the jihad of love

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